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I've tried to make this as easy as I can. I divided all the different sets up into Groups. There is a Group called Me & My Girl - that has all of the sets for girls and their dolls - a necklace and bracelet for each. There is also a sub-group called MMG Friendship Bracelets. That's a matching bracelet for a girl and her doll.

Then there is a group called
12 & Under. These are all things that I really like to wear - I've designed them all just for those of us under 12 years old who like to wear real jewelry to match our outfits. There is also a sub-group here for Friendship Bracelets - especially for girls and their best friends.

The next group is called
Young Adult. I put these together with some help from my big brother's friends (he's 14) and some of my friends in high school. I actually like to wear some of them, but some just look a little too sophisticated for me. I hope some of you older girls like them.

Then, finally, I've included a group called
Young @ Heart. My Mom and Grandma helped with these. I even got a little help from my Great-Grandma. I hope these are designs that everyone will enjoy.

Thanks for shopping at My Store - I sure hope you find everything you want! - Sissy

Me & My Girl Image
Special custom crafted matching necklace and bracelet sets - one for me and one for my girl. Made for American Girl, Madam Alexander and other 18 inch dolls.