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Young Adult
C3014 - Hard Candy Image

C3014 - Hard Candy
Handcrafted Amber & Amethyst Resin Beads accented with Fine Pewter

C3013 - Stars & Stripes Image

C3013 - Stars & Stripes
Red, White & Blue Faux Pearls with twinkling stars of Fine Pewter

C3016 - Elegant Peace Image

C3016 - Elegant Peace
Faux Pink Freshwater Pearls with Earth Jasper Peace Symbols

C3017 - Tie Dye Image

C3017 - Tie Dye
Crystal Clear Resin Chips w/ handcrafted Pink & Purple Tie Die Beads

C3018 - Rock 'n Roll Image

C3018 - Rock 'n Roll
Pink Crazy Lace with Matte Onyx & Fire Glazed Black Crystals

C3019 - Irish Springs Image

C3019 - Irish Springs
Green Jade Tubes w/ Sterling Silver

C3020 - Purple Passion Image

C3020 - Purple Passion
Raw Amethyst Focals & Chips surrounded by Green Adventurine

C3021 - Flutterbyes Image

C3021 - Flutterbyes
Fine Pewter Butterflies accented by Shell & Gray Opal Rounds

C3022 - Stonehenge Image

C3022 - Stonehenge
Silver Mist Jasper and Fine Pewter Findings and Clasp.

C3023 - Celtic Ocean Image

C3023 - Celtic Ocean
Blue Jade Coins with Fine Pewter Celtic Knots

C3024 - Rock Tiki Image

C3024 - Rock Tiki
Faceted White Jade w/ handcrafted Hot Pink and Turquoise Resin Beads

C3025 - Elegant Sky Image

C3025 - Elegant Sky
Handcrafted Resin Beads, Freshwater Pearls & Fine Pewter Findings

C3027 - Wahini Wave Image

C3027 - Wahini Wave
Blue Shell Focal, White Shell Beads with Handcrafted White Resin Beads

C3030 - Green Grass Image

C3030 - Green Grass
Green Grass Resin Beads accented w/ Glass Seed Beads and Fine Pewter

C3033 - BGG Image

C3033 - BGG
Blue, Green and Grey Pearls accented with Fine Pewter.

C3034 - Princess Blue Image

C3034 - Princess Blue
Blue Galss Square Beads accented by Fine Pewter.

C3035 - Princess Grey Image

C3035 - Princess Grey
Smoky Glass Square beads accented by fine Pewter.

C3036 - Princess Green Image

C3036 - Princess Green
Green Glass Square Beads accented by Fine Pewter.

C3037 - Princess Purple Image

C3037 - Princess Purple
Purple Glass Beads accented by Fine Pewter.

3038 - Lemon Chiffon Image

3038 - Lemon Chiffon
White Jade offsets Yellow Coral Sticks. Fine Pewter Findings and Clasp.

C3042 - White Christmas Image

C3042 - White Christmas
White Pearls accented by Red and Green Glss beads and Fine Pewter.

C4044 - Spiced Apricots Image

C4044 - Spiced Apricots
Apricot Jade Rounds surrounded with Red Adventurine Chips

C3052 - Limon Image

C3052 - Limon
Crazy Jasper Focal with Jasper Chips and Onyx. Fine Pewter Findings.