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Young @ Heart
C3041 - Victorian Pearl Image

C3041 - Victorian Pearl
Shell Focals accented with Sand Pears and Fine Pewter

B4006 - Amazon Waters Image

B4006 - Amazon Waters
Black Gold Amazonite Coins accented with Matte Black Onyx Rondels

B4007 - Glittering Rainforest Image

B4007 - Glittering Rainforest
Green Leopard Skin Jasper Coins and Rectangles with Topaz Crystal

B4008 - Midnight Encounter Image

B4008 - Midnight Encounter
Deep Purple Freshwater Pearls (14mm) accented with Sterling Silver

B4009 - Red Creek Flowers Image

B4009 - Red Creek Flowers
Red Creek Jasper Focal, offset with Sterling Silver rondels

B4010 - Autumn Willow Image

B4010 - Autumn Willow
Sterling Silver Willow Leaf w/ Earth Jade and Faceted Freshweater Pearls

B4011 - First Impression Image

B4011 - First Impression
Red Poppy Agate Nuggests with Burgundy Freshwater Pearls (14mm)

B4012 - Blue Moon Image

B4012 - Blue Moon
Faceted Blue Apatite with Smoky Crystals and Sterling Silver 20mm Coins

B4013 - Lava Spring Image

B4013 - Lava Spring
Finished Lava Rectangles accented with Pink Quartz Rounds

B4015 - Egyptian Queen Image

B4015 - Egyptian Queen
Black Gold Amazonite Squares surrounded with Faceted Hematite

B4016 - Coppertones Image

B4016 - Coppertones
Coffee Jasper Coins and Trapezoids with Burgundy Freshwater Pearl

B4017 - Clarity Image

B4017 - Clarity
Tiger's Eye with Swarowski Crystals. Sterling Silver Findings and Clasp

B4018 - Lucky Lady Image

B4018 - Lucky Lady
Boulder Opal Focal strung with amber glass beads. Raw Green Opal Rounds

B4019 - Oracle Image

B4019 - Oracle
Labradorite Rounds accented with Sterling Silver Findings and clasp

B4020 - Ancient Past Image

B4020 - Ancient Past
Fossilized Jasper Ovals and Rondels with Topaz Crystals

B4021 - Balancing Act Image

B4021 - Balancing Act
Black Agate Coins and Nuggets. Accented with Sterling Silver Findings

B4022 - Snakeskin Elegance Image

B4022 - Snakeskin Elegance
Snakeskin Jasper highlighted with Topaz Crystal & Black Pyrite

B4023 - Eartly Presence Image

B4023 - Eartly Presence
Earth Jasper mixed with Blue Coral & Tiger's Eye

B4024 - Red Creek Rapids Image

B4024 - Red Creek Rapids
Jasper accented with Topaz Crystal & Black Pyrite

B4025 - Rainforest Whisper Image

B4025 - Rainforest Whisper
Rainforest Jasper with Opal Swarowski Crystal and Green Garnet

B4027 - Blue Waterfall Image

B4027 - Blue Waterfall
Blue Kyanite with Swarowski Crystals & Sterling Silver Beads

B4028 - Peaceful Meditations Image

B4028 - Peaceful Meditations
Oval Blue Tiger's Eye Focal with BTE Nuggets, Facet Rondels

B4029 - Universal Life Image

B4029 - Universal Life
Baltic Amber Nuggets and Rounds accented with Sterling Silver Findings

B4030 - Imperial Beauty Image

B4030 - Imperial Beauty
Green Jade accented by glittering smokey crystals

B4031 - Supreme Bliss Image

B4031 - Supreme Bliss
Jasper Ovals surrounded by Topaz Crystals, Pyrite Rounds and Apple Jasper

B4032 - Grasslands Image

B4032 - Grasslands
Green Swarowski Pearls and Glittering Crystals w/ Sterling Silver Findings

B4033 - Positive Vibrations Image

B4033 - Positive Vibrations
Autumn Jaspers Ovals and Rondels with Topaz Crystals

B4045 - Incan Rose Image

B4045 - Incan Rose
Brown Rhodochrosite Rounds with glitterling Topaz Crystals

B4046 - Apricot Blossom Image

B4046 - Apricot Blossom
Apricot Jade Rounds blooming with Sterling Silver Findings and Clasp

B4047 - Jodee's Joy Image

B4047 - Jodee's Joy
Red Creek JasperTrapezoids, Squares and Rondels

B4048 - Aurora Borealis Image

B4048 - Aurora Borealis
Labrodorite Focal surrounded by Swarowski Crystals and Blue Agate

B4050 - Tiger's Den Image

B4050 - Tiger's Den
Tiger's Eye Focals, Chips and Rounds w/ Sterling Silver Findings

B4051 - Pele's Tears Image

B4051 - Pele's Tears
Peridot Chips with Black Onyx Rondels showcase of Handmade Resin Focal

B4053 - Jackie's Joy Image

B4053 - Jackie's Joy
Boulder Opal accented by Raw Boulder Opals with Sterling Silver Findings

B4055 - Dressed Up Denim Image

B4055 - Dressed Up Denim
Blue Jasper Rectangles and ovals dressed up with Sterling Silver Bead Caps

B4061 - Siam Secrets Image

B4061 - Siam Secrets
Green Adventurine accented by Fine Pewter

B4062 - Ready, Set, Go! Image

B4062 - Ready, Set, Go!
Fresh Water Pearl, Green Jade accented by Swarowski Crystals

B4063 - Power Hungry Image

B4063 - Power Hungry
Carnelian Necklace Drop & Earring Set.

B4064 - At Peace Image

B4064 - At Peace
Necklace & Earring Set